Your Guide To Understanding and Utilizing Data Visualization

When it comes to growing your company, efficiency is the name of the game. If you are in charge of managing teams, you already know that tasks are completed at a faster pace when everyone is empowered to maximize the potential of their own talents. Data visualization is among the many e-commerce resources available to you as a business leader. Once you understand the benefits of data visualization, both as an internal tool and an external outreach vehicle, you can take a crucial position in escalating your enterprise to new heights. Here are some tips and resources to get you started, courtesy of Najera Web Design and Marketing.

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What Is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the representation of information through easily-digestible graphics such as charts, plots, or even animations. Rather than presenting data as a wall of text that might numb the minds of your audience, you can convey that same information as an eye-catching infographic that shows results at a glance.


For example, a pie chart will make it immediately apparent how your various products’ performances compare to one another. If you would like to present market trends over time, you might use a distribution graph. When you want to make a point that your audience will remember, there is certainly a visual alternative to a simple block of words or a monotonous spreadsheet.


Does Data Visualization Improve Internal Processes?

Research indicates that data visualization boosts worker productivity by presenting information in a way that is easier to interact with on a mental level. When your team is capable of navigating through statistics and other complex information quickly, you can expect a more efficient turnaround on time-sensitive projects.


Visualization can also become part of your pitching strategy when discussing a project with superiors within your company. You might have an easier time securing funding, personnel, or other resources when you use a powerful visual aid to communicate your point.


Will Data Visualization Help With Marketing?

When interacting with customers, it is more important than ever to make a strong impression in as little time as possible. The modern consumer has hundreds, if not thousands of products vying for their attention at all times. You must strive to market your product as the most valuable of the bunch in the span of just a few seconds in the customer’s mind.


Obviously, that requires a certain amount of adaptability. For instance, if you’re sending out materials as a PDF – whether as promotional material to potential customers or project updates you’re sharing with your team members – and you want to add to the content without starting from scratch, you can save a great deal of time if you use this free tool to add pages to PDF. There are many tools like this that can help you streamline your daily processes and really flush out the benefits that data visualization brings to your business.


What Are the Best Data Visualization Tools?

When it comes time to generate a stellar infographic for your business presentation, you need the best software for the job. There are a number of data visualization tools available online that can serve your specific needs. Processing data and performing research are complicated enough, so your choice of software should provide an easy-to-understand interface that will simplify your job. If you are just getting started in the field of data visualization, consider choosing a tool that provides comprehensible tutorials at the outset.


Data visualization has the power to save you valuable hours of production time on any project. You will have shorter meetings when your team is able to comprehend data at a glance. Your workflow will be much more efficient when everyone understands the statistics behind their tasks. Most importantly, customers may be more likely to choose your product when they have digestible data to inform their decisions.
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