Keeping Your Pets in Mind While Downsizing

There are many reasons to scale down your housing arrangements, from positive changes such as moving to a new city or simplifying your life to negative occurrences like financial hardship. For a pet owner, finding a smaller home that can still comfortably accommodate your animal friends can be a challenge. That’s why Najera Web Design and Marketing has put together the following helpful tips and resources.

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Choosing the Right Home


Before deciding on your new home, you’ll first have to assess your needs and your budget. Understanding what you can afford and what you can’t live without will help narrow down your search. Financial institutions will decide what size mortgage they’re willing to give you based on factors such as your credit score and your debt-to-income ratio.


With your budget and wishlist ready, it’s time to start your search! If you’re open to renting, there are plenty of great apartments out there, including 112 in the area of Macon, and you can search by price and amenities, as well as view interactive 3D maps to help you find the preferect rental for you and yours.


Otherwise, if you’re looking to buy, a realtor can help you find the house that’s right for you. By putting very little money down, you can purchase a home with a monthly payment that’s actually much lower than most monthly rent prices.


Selling Your Old Home


If you’re selling an existing home, there are several factors to keep in mind to have a smooth and profitable sale. Keeping your exterior and yard in good repair will increase your curb appeal, which drives more interested parties to your house while allowing you to ask for a better price later in the process. Keeping your interior organized and fashionable will make your eventual move easier and demonstrate to potential buyers just how livable the property is.


Staying Organized While Moving


Recycling, donating, and throwing away everything you can before even beginning to pack will dramatically reduce just how much physical labor will go into your move. When packing, label every box with its contents and what room in your new home they belong to. This will streamline your unpacking process, conceivably allowing you to be completely settled in within a few days of the move.


Be sure to set up a safe and comfortable area for your pet in the new place before bringing them over, allowing them to have as seamless of a transition as possible. You should also research equipment, toys, and other items to keep your pet comfortable and entertained during this transition. In this case, reviews from veterinarians and other animal professionals may be considerably more valuable than online reviews from laymen.


If you have the budget for it, you have the option of hiring professional movers rather than doing the heavy lifting yourself or asking friends and family. Before committing to any one company, conduct some online research, check customer reviews, and compare prices to find a reputable and cost-effective organization. A legitimate moving company will have trained and certified movers as well as insurance to compensate for any losses or damages that may occur in the process.


Finding a smaller home or apartment that can support you and your pet can be a challenge. It is as important as choosing a local pet hospital or veterinarian. Be sure to consider your needs as well as those of your animal companion when deciding on where to start the next chapter of your life.


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