6 Valuable Ways to Innovate and Grow Your Business

With today’s tech advances, innovation is happening at lightning speed. To keep up, it’s essential to stay on top of trends and find practices that fit your business. Here are six ways to get started, courtesy of Najera Design and Marketing.

Digital Marketing

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  1. Embrace Remote Work


Whether you’re just starting your business or are trying to scale up, hiring remote help can save money and expand your hiring pool. Having a workforce without a central office also means saving an immense amount on renting or buying physical office space. Studies show that almost half of workers believe they will be more productive working from home. Virtual assistants are available around the world at affordable rates and can help with everything from sending emails to basic research and scheduling.


  1. Expand Digital Marketing


While traditional marketing avenues can still be helpful for drawing in buyers, digital marketing is now the main focus of most successful campaigns. Using social media and increasing your web presence means reaching the right audience across the globe. You can also grow campaigns organically without a lot of initial costs, unlike pricier avenues like TV advertising. While new platforms like TikTok can seem overwhelming, using them wisely could mean turning your product viral in a matter of hours.


  1. Optimize With Business Process Management


Business process management (BPM) is a system of tools and best practices used to manage an organization’s business processes. By streamlining these processes, businesses can improve efficiency, save money, and better achieve their desired outcomes. By incorporating elements of business process management and automating repetitive tasks and standardizing best practices, businesses can optimize their processes and make themselves more agile and responsive to change. In addition, BPM provides a framework for continuous improvement, so businesses can continually refine their processes and adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers.


  1. Use Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is now becoming affordable for many businesses with inventions like customer service chatbots. These bots can handle most customer service requests so that you can reduce the time needed from live agents. In addition to addressing customers’ concerns, AI can be used for tasks like scheduling and analyzing valuable sales data, condensing busy work, and increasing productivity.


  1. Brainstorm More Often


Brainstorming isn’t just for the beginning stages of your business. Brainstorming can be used to solve all sorts of problems or come up with new ideas for growth. The key to good brainstorming is not censoring yourself while in the initial idea-creation stage. In addition, when you encourage sessions for all employees, you’re more likely to find clever ways to advance in many different departments.


  1. Enhance Employee Training


If a creative attitude is important to you, you’ll want to emphasize this when training new employees. Come up with a process to encourage new hires to think outside of the box from day one. One key to making this happen is stressing the importance of teamwork and letting team members know that everyone’s voice and ideas will be considered. This increases motivation and the likelihood that new concepts will flow with ease. Even if you don’t implement them, following up ideas with positive feedback will leave employees feeling good about what they have to contribute.


By following the tips above, you will be on your way to a more creative business. Whether you’re embracing remote work, utilizing business process management, or incorporating AI, innovation is the key to standing apart, and using new tech advances will save you time and money as you focus on the critical things.
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