Email Setup

Google-Powered Email for Business

The email system provides many innovative features and an abundance of storage space. Clients can easily set up and access their email from any computer and mobile devices.

  • Create up to 50 mailboxes
  • Useful collaboration tools such as Google Docs
  • Shared calendars with a variety of event reminder options
  • Text, voice and video chat tools for collaborating with your colleagues and friends
  • 7GB of storage space
  • Familiar, powerful Google search engine with advanced features to find messages quickly
  • IMAP capabilities – allowing you to keep your mail in sync across multiple computers and phones
  • Multiple Aliases
  • Support for iPhone and Blackberry device

Outgoing Mail From Anywhere

You no longer have to worry about taking your laptop in to town as the outgoing mail will send via Google’s SMTP servers from anywhere. Alternatively, you can access your webmail at in a web browser and reply to anyone from anywhere.

Full Control of All Email Accounts

With access to the control panel, you can create, remove and amend email accounts at any time. You can update aliases, set new passwords and generally maintain every aspect of your control panel.

24/7 Support via Google

Access to all of the help documentation you’ll ever need to help you configure your accounts. Available 24 hours a day, you can be assured of getting the support you need.

Full Service & Support From Najera Design + Marketing

Everything will be set up so that you don’t need to worry about anything. After all of your email accounts are set up, you are free to make use of the Google help and support. Whenever a question can’t be answered via Google, we will gladly help you.