Expert Legal Marketing for Personal Injury & Workers Comp Lawyers in Macon, GA

At Najera Design + Marketing, we work with local businesses across industries by optimizing digital tools to their full potential – law firms and other companies in Macon and beyond. We have watched their impact on Powers Law Group grow from an already spectacular law firm to a testament at what a full circle digital strategy can do for a law firm.

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Creating a Strong Online Footprint with Web Design

The first project of working together was to redesign the Powers Law Group website from top to bottom. Using WordPress, widely recognized for its strong SEO capabilities and flexibility, we crafted a fully responsive website that looks beautiful and functions well due to search engine optimization. Site architecture is designed to allow potential subscribers the ability to easily cruise through the site and find what they need, as quickly and conveniently as possible, on any device.

Commercial Photography: A Day in the Life of the Firm.

Recognized as the importance of first impressions, we networked for a day, documenting the entirety that is Powers Law Group from unfiltered by going on-site capturing photos. With staff portraits and photographs of the office themselves, all this added some real world professionalism to the website. The presence of these images conveys the commitment of Powers Law Group to quality and customer care.

SEO: Maximizing Visibility

At the core of our strategy is SEO, and we have honed in on important keywords like “personal injury lawyer in macon ga,” and “workers comp attorney macon ga” to list just a few examples – that has dramatically improved their rankings in the SERPs, thereby making them more visible to people who require legal assistance.

How to use Social Media Marketing For Community Engagement

Another way the firm is increasing its presence in the community is through social media opportunities, which are led by Najera Design + Marketing. This strengthens their brand awareness, and ideally leads to further website traffic (supporting our SEO efforts) by regularly updating and engaging with the audience through new content.

Continuous Management & Improvement

That not only applies to labor but also to strategic adjustment in the field of digital marketing. We stay vigilant and proactive with our online presence strategy at Powers Law Group, monitoring it and honing it to respond dynamically to new trends / algorithm changes.

The full-spectrum perspective we provide at Najera Design + Marketing has allowed Powers Law Group to substantially increase client engagement, digital presence and business success. Our commitment to supporting their digital success will continue.

So are you ready to take your company’s digital existence to the next level? Contact Najera Design + Marketing today to see how we can customize our services to your specifications in order to accomplish the goals that will take your business to the next level.