Trailer Hitch Silencer – Rattle Silencer Explainer Video – Ride Without A Rattle

Are you tired of your trailer hitch making annoying rattling noises while you’re driving? Look no further than the Rattle Silencer, a revolutionary trailer hitch silencer that will put an end to trailer hitch rattle once and for all.

Trailer hitches are a great way to tow your cargo, but they often produce annoying noise during your rides. The good news is that you can easily reduce hitch noise by using a trailer hitch silencer. Trailer hitches make noise due to the vibration caused by the hitch ball mount and the trailer tongue. The noise is produced when the metal parts of the hitch rub against each other. The noise can be irritating and distracting, and it can also damage the hitch over time.

To help explain how the unique trailer hitch silencer works, the team at Rattle Silencer hired video producer Larry Najera / GoRound Media to create an informative and engaging explainer video. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the video and what it tells us about the Rattle Silencer.

First of all, the video does an excellent job of demonstrating how simple and easy it is to install the Rattle Silencer. Unlike other trailer hitch silencers that require tools and complicated installation, the Rattle Silencer can be installed in a matter of seconds without any tools. The video shows how the Rattle Silencer fits snugly into any 2-inch hitch receiver, and how its heavy-duty polymer construction ensures that it will stay securely in place.

The explainer video also highlights the key benefits of using the Rattle Silencer. Not only does it eliminate annoying rattling noises, but it also helps to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and your trailer. By keeping your hitch stable and secure, the Rattle Silencer makes towing safer and more enjoyable.

Overall, the Rattle Silencer explainer video is an effective and persuasive tool for promoting this innovative product. It does an excellent job of demonstrating the key features and benefits of the Rattle Silencer, and it’s sure to convince even the most skeptical drivers that this is the solution they’ve been looking for. So if you’re tired of dealing with annoying hitch rattle, give the Rattle Silencer a try, simply the best trailer hitch silencer, you won’t be disappointed! Buy the Rattle Silencer from Amazon.

installing trailer hitch silencer

In addition to the explainer video, Larry also produced a video to help install the trailer hitch silencer:

Printed instructions can be viewed on the Rattle Silencer website or downloaded here:

Rattle Silencer Trailer Hitch Silencer Installation Instructions