Top Industry Influencers 2024: The Power Players on YouTube and Instagram

Top industry influencers 2024 on YouTube and Instagram

From nerds to makeup maestros, YouTube and social media influencers have become experts at engaging audiences and propelling marketing efforts. Let’s explore some key realms and their star players:

Beauty and Skin Care

The beauty and skincare sphere practically dominates YouTube and Instagram. Have you ever tried a new skincare item without first checking out an assessment or instructional? Neither have I. Influencers in this area share everything from step-by-step regimens to truthful product critiques. It’s like having a trusted friend who’s always aware of the latest beauty developments.


Fashion influencers are the catwalk models of Instagram. Their feeds are filled with outfit inspirations, fashion hauls, and style recommendations. Imagine scrolling through Instagram and suddenly feeling the urge to reinvent your entire wardrobe. Yep, blame these fashion icons.

Tech and Gaming

Tech and gaming influencers perceive their crowd like the back of their gaming seat. They create reviews, tutorials, and gameplay videos that keep tech devotees and gamers engaged. YouTube is their battleground, where long-form content dives deep into the latest gadgets and games.


Fitness influencers are like your digital personal trainers. They offer exercise routines, nutrition advice, and motivating content that get you off the couch and into beast mode. Whether it’s a full workout video or a brief wellness tip, they’ve got it covered.

  • Platform Usage: YouTube for those intense, full-length workout sessions, and Instagram for brief tips and motivation. Consider it as a fitness center membership without the monthly fees.

Business and Finance

Business and finance influencers are the mentors you didn’t realize you needed. They offer tips, strategies, and motivating content that can turn your financial life around. Whether you’re looking for investment advice or career growth tips, these influencers have you covered.

  • Top Influencers: Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Jeff Bezos (no personal channel), Simon Sinek, Richard Branson (Virgin)
  • Platform Usage: YouTube for deep dives into business strategies, and Instagram for those bite-sized motivational posts that make you feel like you can conquer the world.


Travel influencers are the reason why your bucket list has not grown shorter since the day you made it. They constantly share posts about amazing places and provide tips on how to travel smarter and better. Their Instagram profiles are filled with beautiful photos and interesting stories.

  • Platform Usage: Instagram. The best way to make your followers wish they could travel more is by showing them some mind-blowing pictures.


Automotive influencers bring the roar of the engines right to your screen. They review cars, share their driving experiences, and teach you how to keep your car in tip-top condition. YouTube is their ideal platform, where gearheads and laypeople alike can marvel at informative car reviews and exciting driving videos.

  • Top Influencers: Lewis Hamilton (no personal channel), Alex Hirschi – Supercar Blondie, Ken Block
  • Platform Usage: YouTube is perfect for in-depth reviews, while Instagram is the place to check out daily pictures and awe-inspiring photos of new rides.

It’s obvious that the people creating the content mentioned above are Internet savvy. They know what makes their audience engage or buy, and they are more than adept at integrating those features into their social media experience. Whether it is a long review video or just a brief photo, they have proved that influencer marketing is powerful within many industries.